Synchrogerm - Franquet



The effectiveness of a seedbed preparation unit in order to work a large acreage in a single pass. Intensive work and perfect finish in all conditions.

The SYNCHROGERM prepares a perfectly levelled seedbed of regular depth with an optimal re-consolidation. As the standard for combined soil preparation implements for larger acreages, its all in one pass gives a proven gain in time and fuel saving. The soil is less compacted.

The rigid single beam frame ensures a uniform working over the whole surface. The 8 wheel mark eradicator tines followed by the levelling blade provide a coarse surface preparation of the soil. The two synchronous spires break-up, cup and level the soil prior to being worked with a vibrocultivator.

There are two versions available: 5 rows of 45 x 12 tines or 3 rows of 25 mm tines with goose foot coulters of 250 mm. The levelling tube prepares the action of the following 2 spires.

The work is finished off by one or two rows of croskillettes as an option in order to crumble and re-consolidate the soil.

Synchrogerm Franquet - 3D
Synchrogerm Franquet - Lame de nivellement

The straight UPN 200 levelling blade is easily adjustable for height, tilt and compression.

Synchrogerm Franquet - Dents

Very easily accessible, the tines can be swapped over easily and quickly. The levelling tube is easily adjusted using a pin.

Synchrogerm Franquet - Dents

Great flexibility of use with the square tines or with goose foot coulters. Very easily accessible, the tines can be swapped over easily and quickly. The levelling tube is easily adjusted using a pin.

Synchrogerm Franquet - Croskillettes

As an option, the two rows of croskillettes offer a better quality of preparation in finishing off and re-consolidating the surface of the soil.

Fiche technique & Options du Synchrogerm

Working width (m)2 x 2 m2 x 2,5 m2 x 3 m2 x 4 m
Transport width (m)2,4 m2,4 m2,4 m4,5 m
Transport length (m)8 m8 m8 m8,8 m
Transport height (m)2,8 m3,3 m3,8 m4,5 m
Arable Crop Models
Tool-Carrier Models
GC Models 11.5/80-11.3 10 PR in 4 m version,
13.5/75-430.9 14 PR in 5 and 6 m version,
PO Models 500/60 -15.5 12 PR
Weight (kg) Arable Crops Version5 100 kg6 100 kg7 180 kg13 540 kg
Weight (kg) Tool-Carrier Version5 900 kg7 000 kg8 100 kg-
Type of frameCentral beam-rectangular tube 300 x 200 x 10
Levelling bladeUPN 200, adjustable height, tilt and compression
Number of tines
in 5 rows /3 rows
Space between passage of the tines5 rows : 7.5 cm and 3 rows: 23 cm
Spacing between tines (mm)375 in 5 rows and 750 in 3 rows
Spacing between rows (mm)250 in 5 rows and 470 in three rows
Levelling tubeHeight adjustable
Spires4 synchronous spires, ø 500 mm,
profile 30 x 20, step of 130 mm
Number of hydraulic valves2
Power requirement (hp)140 / 160 hp 180 / 200 hp 220 / 240 hp 240 / 300 hp
Synchromix adapter kityesyesno
Single row croskilletteyesyes
Double row croskilletteyesyesno
Central pressing unit (cupper)yes for version without croskillette

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