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Front implements - Seed bed preparation - Stubble cultivation - Multiuse implements – Sugarbeet harvest


With 70 years of experience in the field of agricultural machinery, FRANQUET has always had the vocation of focussing on powerful systems.

Listening to the expectations of farmers for the preparation of their soil, FRANQUET designs and realizes implements ensuring a better return and exceptional results. Thus, with FRANQUET, you will be well equipped and well-advised to expand your competitiveness in complete confidence.

Bisynchrospire Franquet

Bisynchrospire | Synchromix | Synchroflex
Vibrodisc | Vibrodent | Tasse à pneus

Combigerm III Franquet

Vibromax | Vibromix | Combigerm court | Combigerm III
Combigerm Grandes Cultures| Synchrogerm | Germadisc | Croskillettes

Dechaumeur Multichaum Franquet

Cultigerm | Multichaum | Top Mulch B3 | Top Mulch II
GDMix 46 et 56 | Gigadisc

Eco-Till Franquet : strip-till sur mesure

Bineuse | Synchrolab | Synchrosem | Synchromix'm
Synchropack | Eco Till | The Big

Effeuilleuse frontale à betteraves - X-Beet Franquet

X-Load S6 | TE7 Cargo | Type E | CDN3000
X-Beet | Super Saïga

Broyeur Andaineur Franquet

Broyeur Andaineur