Bisynchrospire - Franquet


Bisynchrospire Compact, Compact & Reversible, Auto directionnal, XL

The ideal tillage implement for all conditions including even the most difficult ones.
Featuring ease of operation, adherence and saving of time.

Used at the front of the tractor, the BISYNCHROSPIRE is the ideal implement for cultivating and seeding all in one pass.

Utilisé à l’arrière du tracteur, il devient un vibroculteur rapide et efficace.

Available in 4 versions: Auto Directional, Compact & No Reversible, Compact & Reversible and XL, it is suitable for any agricultural region and provides quality operation in all conditions.

The BISYNCHROSPIRE can be fitted with 45 x 12 straight tines or with 70 x 12 HERKULES tines, on the XL version with the choice of 6 or 9 tines per metre. When combined with the SYNCHROSPIRE, it enables clods of earth to be broken up and the levelling of the soil whilst being pressed together again in depth. The seedbed is thus ideally structured.

The BISYNCHROSPIRE enables the capabilities of the tractor to be used to the maximum, giving it the best possible grip and theuse of its front-end linkage attachment.

Well-balanced and manoeuvrable, the package when combined with seeders, offers the highest level of convenience.

Bisynchrospire Franquet - Vue 3D
BISYNCHROSPIRE Compact fixe et non réversible

Compact fixed et no reversible

BISYNCHROSPIRE Compact et Réversible, fixe et repliable

Compact and Reversible fixed and folding

BISYNCHROSPIRE XL fixe et repliable

Fixed and folding  XL Bisynchrospire

BISYNCHROSPIRE Autodirectionnel fixe et/ou réversible

Autodirectionnal fixed and/or reversible

Bisynchrospire Franquet - Attelage

The reversible pitch enables changing the front -mounted version to a pull-behind version to be carried out quickly and rapidly.

Bisynchrospire Franquet - Spires synchrones

Immediately after the cultivation is carried out by the vibrocultivator, the synchronous, self-cleaning spires crumble, level and press the soil together again in depth.

Bisynchrospire Franquet - Roul'flex

Consisting of 6 wheels of 370 mm in diameter, mounted on springs, the ROUL’FLEX fits in between the wheels of the tractor. It works at a width of 1 m 30.

Bisynchrospire Franquet dents droites dents herkules

1. The 45 x 12 straight tines are very aggressive and treat soil clods vigorously without bringing up fresh earth.
2. Only in the XL version, the 70 x 12 HERKULES tines are specially designed to work in difficult soil conditions. Their high clearance and strength make them highly aggressive in penetration.

Bisynchrospire AD, Compact, compact and réversible, XL Technical data sheet

BISYNCHROSPIRE Compact & RéversibleFixedFolding
Working width (m)3 m3,5 m4 m2 x 1,5 m2 x 2 m2 x 2,5 m2 x 3 m
Transport width (m)3,15 m3,5 m4,3 m2,3 m2,3 m 2,3 m2,3 m
Transport height (m)Implement height : 1,30 m1,65 m2,15 m2,65 m3,15 m
Weight (standard equipment) kg1 045 kg1 150 kg1 320 kg1 415kg1 660 kg1920 kg2 200 kg
Supporting frameworkFixed or hydraulically folding, rectangular tubing of 120 x 60 x 5
Central sliding reversibility beamSquare tubing of 200 x 8
Vibrocultor frame3 bars, 50 mm sure tubing, at spacing of 250 mm
Type of tines45 x 12 straight tines, 70 x 12 Herkules (XL)
Row spacing (cm)42 cm width 6 tines/m or 29 cm width 9 tines/m
Spacing between tines (cm) when working17 cm width 6 tines/m or 11 cm width 9 tines/m
Ground clearance beneath frame (cm)40 cm
Spires2 synchronous spires, interlinked with each other
Spires profileØ 500 mm, 60 x 12, step of 160
Ø 500 mm, 30 x 20, step of 160
Ø 500 mm, HP 60 x 12, step of 160
Number of hydraulic valves01
Power requirement (hp)20 to 30 hp/m
Eclairage / signalisationyes
30 mm spire extensionFor more spiral springing outside of and in between the tractor wheels
Bolt-on spiresoui
Roul’flex 6 x 370 mm diameter wheels, spring-mounted with working width of 1,3 m
Clic Clac systemyes
Synchromix kit and extensionyes

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