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Sturdy strip tiller with both finesse and versatility thanks to multiple adjustments. Ease-of-use and technical expertise at the service of farmers.

The ECO TILL is a strip-till made-to-measure for your particular application, adaptable for use in all types of soil and in all conditions. This machine wishes to keep things simple with well thought-out and specific adjustments in order to meet your particular requirements.

• The supporting wheels which are the primary units of the ECO TILL, maintain the stability of the implement in the soil.

• The opening disc prepares the passing of the tine. Spring-mounted, it is also retractable.

• The debris deflector cleans the planting line, facilitates the reheating of the soil and reduces pathogenic risks. The residues are positioned between the rows and protect the soil. The height and the angle of penetration of the debris deflector are adjustable.

• The central tine, mounted with a safety shear bolt, is retractable in the event of meeting an obstacle. Available in several versions, this consists of a straight or winged coulter. The coulter can operate as a splitter or as a trencher according to the type of work required. The tine makes a split at the required depth and this encourages root development, aerates the soil and enables fertilisation in the planting line. A localised fertilisation unit can be installed as an option.

• The two 3D adjustable recovering disks recover the surface of the soil along the line that has been worked.

• Available in accordance with several different profiles, the wheel brakes-up, crumbles and re-consolidates the soil for optimal growth conditions.

Franquet engineers will work alongside you in the installation of the strip-till on your particular application by designing together with you the ECO TILL suited to your particular needs. Technical expertise at the service of the agricultural industry and of each farmer !

For specific width or spacing, consult us.

Eco-Till Franquet - Eléments de appui - Combinaison possible

Jeu de doubles disques pour reprise de printemps

Eco-Till Franquet - Eléments de appui - Combinaison possible

Exemple combinaison possible

Eco-Till Franquet - Eléments de appui - Types de socs

Élements de rappui –  Types de socs et coutres

Eco Till Technical data sheet

ECO TILL4 rows5 rows6 rows
Spacing (cm)75 or 80 cm60 cm45, 50 or 75 cm
Total width (cm)2 960 cm
Average weight (kg)1 300 kg1 500 kg1 700 kg
FrameMechanically welded, 150 x 150 square, 8mm thickness
Supporting wheels2 per unit, 1 wheel : Ø 380 mm, 75 mm in width
Opening discØ 460 mm
Debris-deflector2 per unit, penetration angle and height both adjustable
Tines60 x 25, fitted width a shear bolts and retractable, 550 kg at the point
CoultersStraight : 40 mm in width
Wing-pieces : 100 mm in width
CoulterSplitting coulter : flat iron double blade taper, 80 mm long x 10 mm
in thickness
Trenching coulter : 20 mm square
Recovering discs2 discs per unit, adjustable in 3D, Ø 460 mm
Consolidation wheelRoul’flex: Ø 340 and width 160
Single skeleton : Ø 340 and width 160
Double skeleton : Ø 300 and width 110
Hydraulically lengthways adjustable markers mounted on a safety bolt
Localised fertilisation unit with access platform
3rd point mounted drill

Our materials are available in other sizes, please consult.