Synchromix'm - Franquet



The versatility of discs in a combination of rapid seeding. Excellent results when there are large amounts of plant debris.

Designed on the same principle as the SYNCHROSEM and with the same objectives, the SYNCHROMIX’M enables you to perform a surface cultivation, a false planting or even planting intermediate crops for NITROGEN Distribution.

This is the ideal tool for rapid and surface seeding. 

Based upon the SYNCHROMIX cultivator, the SYNCHROMIX’M version is given two rows of discs and a SYNCHROSPIRE. Its compact design enables a central hopper type of seeder to be added, which reduces the cantilevered position in relation to the tractor.

The hydraulic PORT’COURT (short carry) is available as an option for attaching a traditional style drill.

Déchaumeur Synchromix'm Franquet
Déchaumeur Synchromix'm - Port'court hydraulique
Déchaumeur Synchromix'm - Port'court hydraulique
Synchromix'm Franquet - Déchaumeur

The attaching of the seeder and the ability to use possible multiple combinations offer incomparable flexibility for the use of this cultivator.

Synchromix'm Franquet - Déchaumeur

The mechanical drive of the seeder is a simple and efficient system.

Synchromix'm Franquet - Tuyaux

The planting of the seeds is made by dropping through tubes positioned just in front of the spires. These perform the task of mixing and planting the grain in the soil.

Synchromix'm data sheet

Working width (m)3 m4 m
Transport width (m)3,37 m4,45 m
Weight (kg)1 680 kg2 250 kg
Discs2 rows of concave 410 mm diameter discs
mounted on flexible 75° shore hardness
suspension unit double sealed hub
Number of discs2432
Spires2 spires, 420 mm diameter, profile 30 x 20, step of
130 or 500 mm diameter, profile 60 x 12, step of 160
Number of hydraulic valves0
Power requirement25 à 40 hp/m depending on conditions and type
of seeder
Eclairage / signalisationyes
Port’court (short carry)Available

Our materials are available in other sizes, please consult.