Synchrosem - Franquet



Economic in traction and maintenance, the SYNCHROSEM, together with a seeder, combines ease of utilisation and high output.

The SYNCHROSEM has been specially designed for use in combination with another implement.

Hitched up to a croskillette or a seeder, it is a simple and versatile tool for finishing off soil preparation prior to seeding. Not being PTO-driven, it offers real fuel economy.

A combination of the levelling blade, of the 3 rows of straight or semi-straight tines and of the SYNCHROSPIRE makes this a simple and really great tool for finishing off the soil preparation.

Synchrosem Franquet
Synchrosem Franquet
Synchrosem Franquet - Port'court

The Port’court reduces the cantilever action in relation to the tractor and offers the possibility of being combined with any seeder unit.

Synchrosem Franquet - Combiné semoir

The SYNCHROSEM, in combination with a seeder, is an advantageous substitute for a PTO drive unit and forms a combination of a light seeder, with little draught and flexibility of use.

Synchrosem Franquet - Roues position haute

In the top position, the wheels are rested on the bars in order to avoid any swinging of the seeder unit.

Synchrosem data sheet

Working width (m)3 m4 m
Transport width (m)3,15 m4,3 m
Weight (kg)1 280 kg1 700 kg
Levelling bladeStraight, height adjustable
tilt and compression, fitted with small
removable tines. Mounting at the front or at the rear
of the vibroculivator.
Tines3 rows of straight 32 x 12 tines
and semi-straight 32 x 10 tines
Number of tines (tines/m)1010
Spacing between the tines (cm)250 cm
Levelling bladeReplaces a row of tines, floating
Spires2 420 mm diameter spires, profile 30 x 20
step of 130 mm or 2 500 mm diameter spires,
profile 60 x 12 or 30 x 20.
Number of hydraulic valves0
Power requirement25 to 40 hp/m depending on conditions and type
of seeder
Lighting / signalling devicesyes
Wheel mark eradicator tinesAvailable
Port’court (short carry)Rear hydraulic linkage
Croskillette1 row of 320 mm diameter croskillettes
9 units / m, floating mounting.

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