Combigerm III - Franquet


Combigerm III

The National Standard implement for combination seedbed preparation work. Technology combined with Value-for-money.

Whether it be spring or autumn, the COMBIGERM is the ideal implement for preparing seedbeds.

The combination of the units gives perfect work in all conditions. The soil is very well structured. It is cracked down to 20 cm which benefits capillary rises and the development of young seeds. Germination is optimised with the large volume of fine soil which remains within the seeding horizon. On the surface, the coarse elements are left in place and thus help to withstand weathering and erosion. The soil is squeezed together at the end and the finish is perfect with the varying combinations..

The precision and ease of the controls guarantee a uniform standard of work that iS adaptable to all conditions.

The COMBIGERM optimises the working time. It enables a complete cultivating process to be performed in a single pass at a high working speed.

In the COMBIMATIC version, which won the Silver Medal at SIMA in 2011, adjusting all of the settings of the units is possible from the driver’s cab for varying types of soils. This system enables adjusting and maintaining the unit parallel to the soil whilst at the same time enhancing the headland on the croskillettes, using an ISOBUS engineering data memory system.

A perfect seed bed in a single pass: economic and agronomic advantages resulting in time saving!

Combigerm Franquet - Vue 3D
Combigerm Franquet - Mixte

Mixed Combigerm III

Combigerm Franquet - Rotoherse

Rotoherse Combigerm III

Combigerm Franquet - Croskillettes

Croskillettes Combigerm III

Combigerm Franquet - Vue 3D
Combigerm III Franquet
Combigerm III Franquet
Combigerm III Franquet
Combigerm III Franquet
Combigerm III Franquet
Combigerm III - Franquet aisance des réglages en cabine

Ease of adjustment from within driver’s cab in varying types of soils in the Combimatic version awarded the Silver Medal at SIMA 2011. Seeding and levee are improved by working at a constant depth. ISOBUS engineering standard.

Combigerm III - Franquet Doubles croskillettes

The double croskillettes version provides an optimum headland. The COMBIGERM is particularly well-suited to work that needs the soil to be pressed together again before seeding.

Combigerm III - Franquet Rouleau cranté + croskillettes

In the combined version: of ridged roller + croskillette or in the double ridged roller version, it adapts itself to all conditions

Combigerm III - Franquet Dents "patte d'oie"

Equipped with “goose foot” chisels it becomes an excellent surface arrowing tool for false plantings or when preparing the seedbed when there is a lot of weed growth.

Combigerm III data sheet

Working width (m)33,52 x 2 m2 x 2,5 m2 x 3 m
Transport width (m)3,13,52,42,42,4
Transport height (m)1,22,152,653,15
Weight with double ridged rollers (kg)2 030 kg2 150 kg2 580 kg3 150 kg3 750 kg
Weight with double rear croskillettes (kg)2 280 kg2 450 kg2 890 kg3 680 kg4 250 kg
Weight with combination of ridged roller + croskillette (kg)2 190 kg2 380 kg2 750 kg3 290 kg3 950 kg
Type of frameMechanically welded
Wheel mark eradicator4
Levelling bladeStraight, height and tilt adjustable, with small removable tines
SpiresDiameter 420 mm, profile 30 x 20, step of 130 mm
Type of tines25 x 25 or 32 x 12 straight tines / 32 x 10 semi-straight tines
Number of tines3946526678
Tines spacing (mm)75 between tines, 375 in a row and 250 between the rows
Levelling tubeDiameter 35 mm, height adjustable1
Double ridged rollersDiameter 280 mm (possibility of 310 mm) ball bearings, doubling of supporting springs
Double croskilletteDiameter 290 mm, 18 units per metre in 2 rows, in staggered arrangement, second row retractable except in 3 m version
Combination: ridged roller + croskillette1 ridged roller 280 mm diameter / 1 croskillette 290 mm diameter
Number of hydraulic valves01
Croskillettes support via three-point linkageserialyes
Power requirement35 to 40 hp/m120 hp150 hp180 hp
4 tines additional wheel mark eradicatoryesyes
Trailed versionnoYes, w. rubber tyres 11.5/80-15.3
Seeder hitch on trailed versionnoyes

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