Croskillettes frame - Franquet


Croskillettes frame

The independent tool for breaking-up, levelling & re-consolidating all types of work.
Handy & adaptable to all implements, it is economic in traction & servicing.

Whether the task is one of ploughing, cultivating, false planting or just soil preparation work, each one requires the soil to be levelled and re-consolidated. This calls for the mixing of organic matter with the earth, facilitating the crumbling of the soil whilst at the same time limiting its drying-out.

The CROSKILLETTES have been specially designed to offer you versatility and adaptability on all of the tools that you use. The independent frames mounted on pendulum-style units enable perfect following of ground contours. The folding system has been designed so that during operation the axle bears a uniform load over its entire width and on the 2 rows of croskillettes.
The Franquet CROSKILLETTE has two rows of 320 mm diameter, mounted in a staggered configuration in order to work over the whole surface in a uniform
manner. The pointed profile of the tines enables the optimum crumbling of earth clods and a cupping of the mid-zone that is in contact with the grain.

The drawbar is adjustable in height and in length in order to enable it to be attached to all types of implements.

Croskillettes Franquet - Avec essieu

Croskillettes with a axle

Croskillettes Franquet - Sans essieu

Croskillettes without axial

Croskillettes Franquet
Croskillettes Franquet - Essieu

In order to ensure that these are perfect quality implements, the axle has a uniform load-sharing on the 2 frames of the croskillettes.

Croskillettes Franquet - Pendulaires

With their simple but ingenious design, the pendulum-style tools ensure optimum following of the ground contours.

Croskillettes Franquet

The CROSKILLETTES used with a COMBIGERM, provide an adequate working combination in soils that need to be re-consolidated.
Versatile, they can be adapted for all of the implementsthat you use.

Croskillettes frame data sheet

Working width (m)2 x 2 m2 x 2,5 m2 x 3 m
Transport width (m)2,5 m2,5 m2,5 m
Length (m)4,95 m5,45 m5,95 m
Transport height (m)2,4 m2,9 m3,4 m
Weight (kg)1 790 kg2 090 kg2 350 kg
Number of pendulum-mounted tools8
Type of discsGS casting 320 mm diameter
2 rows in staggered layout
BeamAdjustment for height and telescopic
(2 positions in depth)
Number of hydraulic valves2 (folding and axle)
Power requirementdepending on tool and work
Lighting / signalling devicesyes

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