Germadisc - Franquet



The combination of discs, tines and spires : complementarity for effective work.
All preparations completed in a single pass. The ideal solution or simplified cultivation techniques

Ideal for simplified cultivation techniques, the GERMADISC enables seedbed preparation in a single pass thanks to the succession of discs/spires/tines/spires.

A variant of SYNCHROGERM, it is complemented by two rows of discs by way of a replacement for the wheel mark eradicators and of the levelling blade. It is used throughout the year : cultivating, after-harvest regrowth, grassed fields or repeat of difficult ploughing work and of lumpy ground.

The work is incomparable. The technology combining discs and tines enables the cutting, destruction and mixing to the maximum of the plant growth, the distribution of NITROGEN and all in a single pass.

Germadisc Franquet - Croskillette

The croskillette provides the finish. The soil is tilled, structured and re-consolidated for planting in a single pass.

Germadisc Franquet - Verin

The raising of the implement is made at the rear via a single valve mounted on a nitrogen ball to ensure easy operation.

Germadisc Franquet - 2 rangées de disques

As is the case on SYNCHROMIX, the two rows of discs chop the residues and work the surface of the soil. The work is completed by the synchronous spires.

Germadisc Franquet - Dents équipées de socs déchaumeurs

The tines, fitted with disc coulters create a good cultivating of the surface and also can be more aggressive and work more in depth.

Germadisc data sheet

Working width (m)2 x 2 m2 x 2,5 m2 x 3 m2 x 4 m
Transport width (m)2,4 m2,4 m2,4 m2,4 m
Length (m)8,5 m8,5 m8,5 m9,5 m
Transport height (m)2,95 m3,45 m3,95 m4,65 m
Weight (standard equipment ) kg6 220 kg7 555 kg8 870 kg16 040 kg
Tyres11.5/80-15.3 10 PR13.5/75-430.9 14 PR
Type of frameCentral beam in rectangular tube 300 x 200 x 10
Discs2 rows of concave notched 460 mm diameter discs flexible 75° shire hardness suspension unit
Number of discs32404864
Spires2 spires profil 30 x 20, step of 130, 500 diameter
Tines3 rows of tines (square spring of 25) and goose-foot coulters
Number of tines18222632
Space between passage of tines (mm)23
Spacing between tines (mm)750
Spacing between the rows (mm)470
Spires2 spires, profil 30 x 20, step of 130, 500 diameter
Number of hydraulic valves2
Power requirement (ch)160/180 hp200/220 hp240/260 hp360/400 hp
Lighting / Signalling devicesyes
Croskillettes2 rows at the rear, floating and retractable at 320 mmno
Germadisc Tool-CarrierRear hitch with SE valveno

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