Synchropack - Franquet



The known and recognised technology of synchronous spires that can be fitted to all your equipment.

Capable of being fitted on numerous types of rotating harrows, vibrocultivators or disc harrows, the SYNCHROPACK is an improved substitute for the traditional roller..

The action of the SYNCHROSPIRE enables clods to be broken-up and in-depth cupping and levelling of the soil.  It is suitable for all conditions and is self-cleaning in wet soils.

The soil is ideally structured enabling fine soil to become available for seeding purposes whilst leaving the coarse elements on the surface.

The SYNCROPACK gives you perfect utilisation of the SYNCHROSPIRE technology asan aid to agronomy.

It offers the advantages of the SYNCHROSPIRE in all soil preparation work, thanks to it being fully adaptable to your implements. It combines perfectly the effects of a rotary harrow, a cultivator and a subsoiler.
The SYNCHROPACK has been designed with the aim of enabling it to be added to existing machinery units. Ergonomic and versatile, it is designed to exceed your expectations.

Its adaptability is designed with a wide range of possible settings in mind in order to increase the flexibility of usage.

Synchropack data sheet

Working width (m)3 m4 m2 x 2 m2 x 2,5 m2 x 3 m
Transport width (m)3,15 m4,3 m2,4 m2,4 m2,4 m
Transport height (m)--2,15 m2,65 m3,15 m
FrameSingle reinforced beam type
Spires2 interlinked synchronised rotation spires
with 35 mm bearings
Spires ø 360 mm, length 627 mmprofile 30 x 20 or 40 x 12, step of 110 mm
Spires ø 420 mm, length 744 mmprofile 30 x 20 or 40 x 12, step of 130 mm
Spires ø 500 mmprofile 60 x 12 or 30 x 20, step of 160 mm
Weight (standard equipt.) kg ø 420 mm638 kg828 kg850 kg1 050 kg1260 kg
Weight (standard equipt.) kg ø 360 mm630 kg790 kg820 kg1 000 kg1 190 kg
Weight (standard equipt.) kg ø 500 mm650 kg820 kg ---
Power requirementdepending on type of equipment
Lighting / signalling devicesdepending on type of equipment

Our materials are available in other sizes, please consult.