Cultigerm - Franquet



The Swiss Army Knife of the Franquet product range, ideal for use after straw chopping, modular design, suitable for each and any type of soil.

The CULTIGERM very soon becomes an indispensable tool for the cultivation work on your land.

Whether it be for repeat ploughing for seedbed preparation, for burying crop residues or even stumbled ploughing after straw chopping, it will be able to rapidly demonstrate its versatility to you.

The choice of « CROSSBAR or levelling » blades provides the possibility of adapting the tool with the latter replicating the action of the vibrocultivator. The work is carried out by four rows of HERKULES type tines (70 x 12) for opening and mixing the earth with plants and aerating the soil.

The levelling tube or the levelling tines share the work equally. Several rollers are available as per requirements. These produce an optimal re-consolidation, whilst evenly spreading out the earth. As an option, comb harrows can be added and these also reinvigorate the surface mulch.

In the trailed version, the CULTIGERM produces high-quality work.
Being a simple ergonomic and sturdy design, the supporting frame is suitable both for small acreages and for larger areas.

Cultigerm Franquet - Gamme déchaumage
Cultigerm Franquet - Double rouleaux fer plat

Double ridged rollers

Cultigerm Franquet - Rouleau à lames

Blade roller

Cultigerm Franquet - Rouleau U

U Roller

Cultigerm Franquet - Rouleau à barres + peignes

Bar roller + combs

Cultigerm Franquet - Rouleau crantés

crantés roller Ø 400 and  310 mm

Cultigerm Franquet - Rouleau à barres diam. 500mm

Bar roller Ø 500 mm

Cultigerm Franquet - Rangée de peignes

When simply fitted with a row of comb harrows, it becomes a cultivator for use in extreme conditions wet soils or in crops where there is a large amount of weed growth.

Cultigerm Franquet - Rouleau U

U roller : provides ideal re-pressing together in both dry and normal conditions. It is often complemented by a row of comb harrows to perfect surface mulching.

Cultigerm Franquet - Doubles rouleaux crantés

Unparalleled flexibility of use with double ridged rollers. The spirals produce a perfect mulching on the surface whilst leaving the soil pressed together again.

Cultigerm Franquet - Rouleau barre

The 510 mm diameter bar roller effect needs no further demonstration. It stabilises the implement and settles the soil in depth.

Cultigerm Franquet - Rouleau à lames

Effective blade roller in straw. The flexibility of the blades adapts itself efficiently to variations in the land, particularly when stones are present

Cultigerm Franquet

Cultigerm Technical data sheet

Working width (m)3 m 2 x 2 m2 x 2,5 m 2 x 3 m2,5 + 3 + 2,5 = 8 m
Transport width (m)3,15 m 2,5 m2,5 m2,5 m3,15 m
Transport height (m)1,3 m 2,2 m 2,7 m3,2 m3,8 m
Weight (vibro + lighting + tube nvlt + blade nvlt mech. + ridged roller) (kg1 450 kg2 125 kg2 350 kg2 600 kg5 100 kg
Tyres (trailed version--11,5/80-15;3
Frame80 x 80 x 8
Type of tinesHERKULES 70 x 12
Number of tines2026323853
Interval between tines (cm) and Spacing of the tines along the row (cm)16 cm /60 cm
Front bladeCrossbar blade or mechanical blade
Number of tines Crossbar1216202432
Levelling tubeyes, 35 mm diameter
or Levelling tines3 complete
and 2 half ones
4 complete
and 4 half ones
6 complete
and 4 half ones
8 complete
and 4 half ones
12 complete
and 4 half ones
RollersRidged rollers: diameters 400 mm and 310 mm on bogie
Barred rollers 510 mm – U roller with scrapers / Bladed roller with scrapers
Without roller2 sheet metal feeler wheels available (200/60 -14.5)
Comb HarrowAvailable except on the model with ridged rollers
Number of hydraulic valves1/21/21/21/22/3
Power requirement (hp)100/120120/140140/160160/180180/240
Lighting / signalling devicesyes
Wheel eradicatoryes
Trailed assemblynoyes
Hydraulic control of levelling bladeyesyes

Our materials are available in other sizes, please consult.