Beet harvester cleaner Type E - Franquet


Beet harvester cleaner, loader TYPE E - 2 or 3 turbines

Cost-saving harvesting - pure and simple.

In a stripped field, the Type Entreprise is the ideal choice. With the oscillating coulter, sideways movement harvesting system, this has 2 or 3 turbines of 140 cm in diameter with bar grills. Strongly built and having no equivalent, this lifts and aligns the beets.

Beet Harvester cleaner, loader Type E 2 or 3 turbines Technical data sheet

TYPE E Harvester cleaner
6-row winegrower
TE 2TE 3
Number of turbines2233
Spacing (cm)45 cm50 cm45 cm50 cm
Length (m)3 m3 m3,7 m3,7 m
Width (m)3 m3 m3 m3 m
Weight (kg)1 800 kg1 900 kg1 500 kg1 600 kg
PTO Speed (rpm)540 or 1 000 rpm540 or 1 000 rpm
Harvesting system2-speed oscillating coulters
TurbinesØ 140 cm, open, 40 bars, bars screens
Power requirement60 to 80 hp (+ 20 to 40 hp width beet topper)
Closed turbines and pig-tail grill
Rear hydraulic doors
Set of 2 x 2 scraper wheels

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