CDN 3000 - Franquet


Beet loader CDN 3000

CDN 3000 is the absolute ultimate in the beet harvesting field.

The CDN 3000 is the absolute ultimate in the beet harvesting field. Light and compact, it picks up, unearths and loads beet in a straightforward manner. It loads into big capacity trailers thanks to the considerable height of its elevator chain 3.8 m.

Ramasseuse chargeuse à betteraves - Socs oscillants

High level of finish for this oscillating coulter harvesting system which is the trademark of Franquet.

Ramasseuse chargeuse à betteraves - Turbines

The large diameter barred turbines guarantee a high output harvesting process.

Ramasseuse chargeuse à betteraves - Système arrachage

Placing the beets into rows whilst continuing the harvesting system flow.

Ramasseuse chargeuse à betteraves - Reprise d'andains aisée

CDN 3000 : sets up conveniently spaced windrows. Additional extraction by the two pickup and cleaning turbines.

Ramasseuse chargeuse à betteraves - Eparpilleur de feuilles réglable

Leaf spreader can be set to any sizes. Evens the spread over the whole width.

Ramasseuse chargeuse à betteraves Franquet : CDN 3000

Technical data sheet CDN 3000

CDN 3000 Pick-up loader
Length (m)6 m
Width (m)3 m
Weight (kg)5 000 kg
PTO speed (rpm)1 000 rpm
Turbines pick-upØ 180 cm, 54 or 72 width flat notched ring and scraper wheels
Chain-driven elevator-conveyorStep of 50 and 64 mm, 2 speeds
Cleaning turbineØ 170 cm, 54 or 72 bars, open
Elevator ChainWidth : 800 mm, step of 50 mm, electro-magnetic clutch
Loading height (m)3,8 m
Surge hopper (kg)800 kg
Power requirement (hp)80 to 120 hp

Our materials are available in other sizes, please consult.