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Super Saïga leaf stripper

The technical expertise of leaf-stripping combining precision and ease of work. Franquet’s statement of readiness to be at the service of root crop producers.

Compact In design, the SUPER SAÏGA provides the operator with excellent visibility from within the cab. 

Available with one or two rotors, the drive is transmitted through belts. The endless screw that guides the leaves to the outside is likewise chain driven.

As an option, the beat toppers are supported by springs or by an oleo pneumatic suspension. The latter has the advantage of rapidly returning to the successive root without any rebound effect. The speed can thus be increased.

Economic to use, the tungsten carbide scalpers ensure ongoing efficiency.

Effeuilleuse à betteraves Super Saïga - Réglage de la hauteur des roues

Simple and efficient, the height control of the wheel is rapid and ensures a constant height of the beet topper.

Effeuilleuse à betteraves Super Saïga - Courroies Kevlar

Drive of the rotor via Kevlar belts. Endless screw for extracting the leaves towards the outside, driven by a chain. On the 2-rotor SUPER SAÏGA, the second rotor is also belt driven.

Effeuilleuse à betteraves Super Saïga - Attelage à l'avant ou à l'arrière du tracteur

The reversible 2-rotor SUPER SAÏGA can be attached both at the front and at the rear of the tractor.

Effeuilleuse à betteraves Super Saïga - Decollleteurs

Beet toppers optionally mounted on springs or oleopneumatic suspension. Beet toppers with tungsdten carbide projection on the bevelled edge to avoid daily re-sharpening.

Super Saïga leaf stripper Technical data sheet

Number of rows6 rows6 rows
Spacing (cm)45 cm50 cm
Lenght (m)2 m2 m
Width (m)3 m3,3 m
Height (m)1,20 m1,20 m
Weight (kg)1 500 kg1 500 kg
PTO Speed (rpm)1 000 rpm1 000 rpm
Power requirement60 hp60 hp
Rotor n°1 diameter (mm)450 mm450 mm
Rotor n°1 number of blades7278
Rotor n°1 speed (rpm)1 000 rpm1 000 rpm
Rotor n°2 diameter (mm)630630
Rotor n°2 speed (rpm)1 000 rpm1 000 rpm
Number of blades248312
Speed1 0001 000
Oleo-pneumatic suspended beet toppers
Leaf dispersal devices
Semi-mounted attachment

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