Our Company - Franquet


Franquet, French manufacturer since 1946, designs, develops and builds equipments for soils preparation, stubble ploughing and harvesting of beets in its factories in Picardie.
The vocation of our firm is : to meet the needs of farmers as closely as possible by engaging them fully in our innovations and developments.

The strength of our company comes from its ability to :

  • Listen and suggest alternative, innovative and performing solutions.
  • Produce a quality and reliability standard, recognized and awarded for a long time.
  • Use the better steels and supplies to make your tools – all our products are made of HLE steel, that, clearly increase their strength -.
  • We adapt us to your specific and singular needs thanks to a specialized research department which owns modern computer and design tools.
  • Make available sales and technical teams that will come to see you, assesses your needs, prescribe and ensure the follow-up of the good use of our products.
  • Serve you in unbeatable periods thanks to a very flexible organization and an efficient information system.

Strengthened by its partnership with the THIÉRART Company, located in the Ardennes, the management team, composed of four partners, is committed to providing you, strong equipment, with the best value for money, regarding the purchase, the use or the maintenance.

Mutualization of your strengths, strengths of our teams and of the production and development means of each site will be the guarantee for your success.

Yours faithfully,
Stéphane and Valérie WEISSE


The company Franquet

The company Franquet was founded in Guignicourt sur Aisne, 25 km to the north of Reims, after the 2nd World War, by Mister Gilbert Franquet. A blacksmith by trade, and also inventive, he quickly responded to the needs of farmers by first manufacturing machines for gathering and loading sugar beets, then for thinning, lifting and swathing. His son Benoist took over the reins in the 1980’s At present, after 70 years of innovations in the field of agricultural machinery, FRANQUET SA has always seen it as its task to develop high performance, innovative systems. Attentive to the requirements of farmers in preparing their soils, this expert in mechanical construction designs and manufactures equipment that guarantees the best yields and exceptional results.

Established in the Aisne Department, FRANQUET lies at the heart of the large crop regions.

FRANQUET : internationally

From being a local, then a regional manufacturer, FRANQUET SA has become a national manufacturer selling what it produces throughout Europe and on five continents. Over the years 15 to 30% of its turnover has gone to export.

FRANQUET SA exports to England, Algeria, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Denmark, Spain, Iran, Italy, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Morocco, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Rumania, Serbia, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Tatarstan, Czech Republic, Turkey, Ukraine and the USA.